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Cocolo Ramen

ココロ ラーメン

by Françoise Desbois
Cocolo Ramen.

Cocolo Ramen is paying tribute to the Japanese noodle cult movie Tampopo, with a poetic, musical and slurping journey through the daily routine of a popular ramen restaurant in Berlin. From the preparation of the broth, the confection of the ramen to the last drop of the soup in the mouth of the happy customer, this movie has one instant delicious effect: make the viewers hungry and craving for a noodle soup!

Cocolo Ramen in New York.

For the screening of Cocolo Ramen at the New York Food Film Festival 2015 Françoise took along with her Chef Yosuke from the restaurant and his assistant to cook ramen for the audience. Here is a little movie that she made of this American adventure.